The PHP Developer Toolbar

What is PHPDevBar

PHPDevBar is an addon for firefox.

This toolbar uses the official documentation from PHd to quickly retrieve method and function definitions showing you their structure straightly in your browser. You can also use it to search in PHP Web sites.

Besides that, PHP Developer Toolbar has a huge list of user groups and server and client tools/links.

This addon also has a different feature, the PHPClassGen, which allows you to easily generate a class and its HTML Form just by filling a form in. See more details here.

Help content


You can show the PHPDevBar by pressing F4 in your keyboard, of thecombination Ctrl+shiftF. When visible and with the search input focused, ESC will hide it.
If your PHPDevBar is visible but the search input is not focused, calling it by its shortcut will focus the search field.
You can also use te small icon in yout extensions bar in the bottom part of your browser, to show the PHP Developer Toolbar.

While typing into the PHPDevBar input, it will show you some of the PHP functions that match with your text, and verify if you are not forgetting any "_", also, ignoring captialised letters.
You can navigate through the options with the down and up arrows on your keyboard. Then, press enter to search for results.


The first botton on the PHPDevBar tells where your search will run.
The first option will bring to you a resume of the searched function while the other options will open a new tab with the documentation about the searched term into the choosen target.
The third button gives you a list of continents, then countries and all their registered PHP User groups.

Class and Form Generator

You also have a generator, built to help you to write classes or forms that may be annoying to code, some times.
With this tool, you can see the code changing on the fly as you change any detail of your class.
To toggle between form and classe visualization, simply click on the buttons below the panel.
To add new fields to your form or class, simply fill the data about this field and click on the button with the "+" symbol.
The new field will be shown in the right panel, in which you can remove each field by clicking on the red "X".


This addon is under MIT license.
Function list was updated using the PHD engine (thanks to the PHd Project)
Feel free to contribute to this project by sending your ideas or PHPUG and reporting bugs.
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